Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top 5 Hottest Celebs Who Came Out of Nowhere

Every year, we get a new wave of hotties who come out of nowhere and dominate our computer screens with their steamy pictures. This year, we had plenty of new applicants for the new "it" girl, especially when past babes come crashing down (see: Britney Spears). Luckily for you, we've selected the top 5 so you can spend less time searching and more time gawking.

5. Laura Vandervoort from Smallville

Laura Vandervoort from Smallville

If you’re gonna cast someone as Supergirl, they’d damn well better be jaw-droppingly hot. Laura Vandervoort does not disappoint. When Otto Binder and Al Plastino first dreamed up the admittedly unimaginative character of Supergirl, they probably had somebody like Vandervoort in mind: she’s a blonde beauty with a definite “girl next door” cheerleader-esque quality, except this time “next door” just happens to mean “Krypton” and therefore means she could kick your ass eight ways from Sunday if you tried anything. Cute, pretty, but with the ability to rip a man’s testicles off with her first two fingers: that is the essence of Supergirl, and therefore the essence of Ms. Vandervoort.

4. Kayleigh Pearson of British busty fame

Kayleigh Pearson of British busty fame

Coming in as the new Nuts magazine girl, Kayleigh had big shoes -- or should I say, big bras -- to fill. With past babes like Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh laying the Nuts legacy down, Miss Pearson needed to bring her A game; well, needless to say, she brought it and then some. Not only did she increase her bust size (from B to DD), she showed herself to be an excellent gymnast -- a huge rack and the ability to put her legs behind her head? Checkmate, Lucy Pinder. Checkmate.

3. Miranda Kerr from Victoria's Secret

Miranda Kerr from Victoria's Secret

When Victoria's Secret let Gisele Bundchen go, people weren't sure if they were going to be able to pull yet another jaw-dropping super model out of nowhere. Well, I don't know how they did it, but Miranda Kerr fills the hole left by Miss Bundchen’s absence pretty damned well. Combining the mystique of Adriana Lima with the class of her predecessor, Kerr channels a universal attractiveness that even Bundchen couldn’t quite achieve. She appears classy, but sexy; mysterious, but charming – in other words, pretty much everything a lingerie model should be.

2. Michelle Ryan from The Bionic Woman

Michelle Ryan from The Bionic Woman

In heated competition with Rose Byrne and Kelly MacDonald for the “Hottest European Chick Who Can Fake a Flawless American Accent” award, Michelle Ryan kicked ass and took names for eight episodes this year in the Bionic Woman update. As Laura Vandervoort was to the all-American cheerleader door type, Michelle Ryan is to the dignified, mature, cold-but-beautiful English woman. As mentioned earlier, however, you’d never know she was English from watching The Bionic Woman – I’m not sure why chicks from the UK faking US accents is so damnably alluring, but it most assuredly is.

1. Megan Fox

Megan Fox photos

Everyone knew Megan Fox would have to be on this list. Seemingly coming from out of nowhere, Fox hasn’t actually done that much this year, yet her strength as a new wave hottie is undeniable. Hell, even my 67 year old grandmother called her hot – something about Fox’s looks transcends age, gender and sexual orientation. We already know she’s got one of the best “do me” faces in showbiz, but one literally cannot understate the woman’s attractiveness; in a film full of explosions, car chases, and transforming goddamned robots, she was still the most memorable (and visually spectacular) thing in it.


Edot said...

michelle ryan is nice to look at but damn, that chick is a shitty actress. thank god bionic woman is getting pulled. maybe that chick will turn up topless now.

wesley said...

so michelle ryan is not even on this list, much less #2. and megan fox is...something about her face. i'm not a fan.
but i guess that's what opinions are for

Eric said...

i never understood what the big deal with alba was. she can't act. sure she is pretty,that sin city striptease, my god, that was boner-inspiring evem, but i think there are way prettier women out there who are more talented than her.

Elbafan said...

I think Megan Fox is going to take Alba's place as reigning hottie after Alba gets all fat and disgusting because of the little parasite growing inside of her.

Mark said...

Meghan Fox needs to shoot some NSFW photos so I can get fired. Anyone second that?

Elfanoo said...

Megan Fox is a two time Hi-5 winner here at DV. Could we be seeing an interview anytime soon?

Dave said...

She was the only thing I enjoyed from "Transformers" (almost embarassed to admit I watched that piece of crap). The CGI effects were pretty damn good though.