Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top 5 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Bad plastic surgery happens when someone feels pressure to look good and they have more money than brains. Which pretty much describes the majority of celebrities out there.

Some of the following don’t quite look like human beings anymore, which would be tragic (this is voluntary! they didn’t have to look like this) if it weren’t so stupid. Most of these people were genetically blessed to begin with, which makes you wonder why they would risk their good looks just to hold off from aging a tiny bit longer. And many of the younger celebs on this list have absolutely no excuse at all, as good diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle would have fixed most of any flaws they felt they had.

Here are the five worst celebrity plastic surgery disasters we could dig up, some of which are pretty damn horrifying:

5. Tara Reid

Tara Reid Photos

Surgery botched: Boob Job and Stomach Lipo

Tara Reid’s stomach looks to be about forty years older than the rest of her.

4. Gary Busey

Gary Busey photos

Surgery botched: Veneers

As the Awful Plastic Surgery site puts it, his teeth look like chiclets.

3. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson photos

Surgery botched: Lips

Luckily for Jessica not all bad plastic surgery is permanent. She talked about her lip enhancement, saying “I had that Restylane stuff … It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that. But… it went away in, like, four months. My lips are back to what they were. Thank God!”

2. Melanie Griffith

Surgery botched: Face lift and god only knows what else

This definitely deserves a before shot, just in case you are forgetting how normal Melanie Griffith used to be:

Melanie Griffith photos

She’s only fifty years old, and she’s pretty much ruined her face. If I didn’t know it was her I would have honestly pegged the person in the first picture as a woman in her sixties.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson top desktop

Surgery botched: Skin lightening, nose jobs, face lifts, etc. etc. etc.

Could it really have been anyone else? It’s incredible to forget how absolutely normal Michael Jackson looked back in the 70’s and 80’s (attractive even!) before turning into the sideshow freak that he is today. The guy is absolutely looney tunes so it’s kind of a shame that he was always able to find a doctor to do what he wanted. Everyone should have told him no after a certain point, which was probably in about 1985.


Vince said...

Uhh, did anyone see Nikki Cox lately. When I saw her on The Ghost Whisperer she looked absolutely terrible. I swear she looked like the Aflac duck.
Hilary Duff looked better before. Lil Kim actually looks better in the recent picture. I just think it’s all vanity.

Brooke said...

Holy S%#T…
Wtf were these people thinking…
Just be Happy w/ what was giving to ya…
man oh man.. see .. thats what happens when you mess around w/ nature…

jimmylo said...

OMG, top 2 where ewwww. I almost threw the hell up.

elizabeth said...

That horror is not possible that the people do this to herself to remain better and to shine if to on the contrary frightful ugly and horrifying poor persons meet

Michael Jackson said...

Hey ppl, i am best of the best! My face is very nice now, but i am too old!

Diana said...

Don’t forget Priscilla Presley - she was so lovely… I just don’t understand why they do it!

Tim said...

Sorry to say but I actually felt better after seeing this story. We all hav things we would like to improve about ourselves. These people had the money to do it. BUT after doing it they didn’t get results they wanted. So they went back and back etc… I figure you can only have one plastic surgery of it’s kind and that’s it (face lift for example). While their are very good plastic surgeons. Since plastic surgery is mostly a choice. The surgeons have to SELL the results leading to high expections which are not me. This leads to repeat surgery for those with unlimited money and of course the problems above.

Gerald said...

How about Wayne Newton. His face is so tight, it is difficult even looking at him.