Saturday, July 12, 2008

Top 5 Hottest Female Athletes

Rock hard abs, long, slender legs and enough toughness to kick your ass. These are the qualities we look for when we scour the programing of ESPN2 late at night, hoping to find some variation of women's tennis, surfing or, heaven forbid, beach volleyball. Whether or not they can dominate their respective games, these ladies will always have us tuning in and hitting the ol' record button on the Tivo.

5. Jennie Finch - softball

Jennie Finch - softball

Who wouldn't want to be the catcher for this sexy softball pitcher? Well, if you are afraid of a 90 mph softball flying at your face, then a date with Jennie Finch may not be for you. She's got the arm of Mariano Rivera and the body of Barbarella. What more can I say?

4. Danica Patrick - Indycar racing

Danica Patrick - Indycar racing

There is nothing hotter than a chick that likes to go fast-really fast. Her celebrity sometime outweighs her prowess on the track and she's often mentioned alongside the word "overhyped," but at least she can drive a stick.

3. Daniela Hantuchova - tennis

Daniela Hantuchova - tennis

Forget about Anna Kournikova. Forget about Jelena Dokic. Not even Maria Sharapova has the goods to compete with this doughy-eyed Slovakian tennis goddess. Tennis shorts have never fit so well on a European rear - and that's saying something.

2. Missy Gibson - surfing

Missy Gibson - surfing

Not much is known about surfer Missy Gibson, other than the fact that she is smokin' hot. We do know this: she loves to swim, she's got amazing eyes and she spends most of her time in the sun. We can only imagine that she is fantastic in bed as well.

1. Amanda Beard - swimming

Amanda Beard - swimming

Nothing says hot like a sexy FHM covergirl who has made her living in a sport that requires her to be completely wet all the time. In turn, she keeps us all in a similar state. One thing is for sure, she can tie us to the bedpost with all of those Olympic medals any day.

Written by Neil Miller


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Lucas said...

where's the surfing girl who's missing an arm? she's hot

David said...

always nice to see Danica, but Maria Sharapova really should be on here and how about some chicks from the WWE like Trish Stratus? it might be fake but they're still athletes.